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Ritual Pursuits

Icosahedron Crystal Grid

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The Icosahedron is the fifth and final Platonic Solid, having 20 triangular sides. The Icosahedron is often associated with the element of Water, symbolizing movement, flow, and change. It inspires freedom of expression, creativity and ‘going with the flow’.

There are many ways to use crystal grids (sometimes also referred to as energy grids) but my preferred method simply uses it as a personal focus for meditation, self reflection, or even purely decoration. In addition to carefully placed crystals, I enjoy adding flowers, stones, candles, or other small items in order to create a display that has a specific meaning to me.

Grid boards are approximately 1/8 inch thick, laser engraved, and hand finished. Each board is handmade and some variation in wood grain and color is to be expected.