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Ritual Pursuits

Merkabah Crystal Grid + Card Stand

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These crystal grids incorporate a tarot card stand so you can build a grid design based on your reading, or display specific cards to help channel the intention of your grid. There are many ways to use crystal grids (sometimes also referred to as energy grids) but my preferred method simply uses it as a personal focus for meditation, self reflection, or even purely decoration. In addition to carefully placed crystals, I enjoy adding flowers, stones, candles, or other small items in order to create a display that has a specific meaning to me. 

Like the “Seed of Life” and “Flower of Life”, the “Merkabah” is a contemporary name for an ancient geometric figure. It is the three dimensional equivalent of the hexagram, created by crossing two tetrahedron.  All three figures are derived from the same six sided geometry.

Small Card Grid:

Outer Dimensions: ~ 4.5 x 4 x 1/4 inch

Card Slot: 3.45 inches long

Material: Maple Wood

Large Card Grid:

Outer Dimensions: ~ 10.5 x 10 x 1/4 inch

Card Slot: 9.25 inches long

Material: Maple Wood

Each board is handmade and some variation in wood grain and color is to be expected.